Buying or Selling a Used Mercedes-Benz

If you’re one of those people that have always had a love for Mercedes-Benz, then chances are you own one or may wish to work with the cars in some capacity. Perhaps you’d like to be a Mercedes mechanic or salesperson. Working with this iconic brand certainly has prestige, as there is something to say about someone who works with the Mercedes brand. The effect on people when you are associated with the brand is so much different than if you were to be associated with say, Chevrolet.

Own What You Sell

Ever notice that when taking advice from someone on a product of some kind that you pay more attention to them when they actually own said product? So imagine if you wanted to become a salesman (or salesperson to be PC here) for a Mercedes dealership and you actually own a Mercedes. That’s a major step into the front door! But which Benz would you buy? If you’re young and don’t have much money, you will definitely want to look for a used vehicle. But which one? That’s a question that you’re going to have to do some research on.

Mercedes-Benz offers many different classes of cars and SUV’s. The Mercedes-Benz corporate website is very helpful to navigate the many different options of Mercedes available. Whichever city you are from, you should be able to easily find a Mercedes dealer near you.  If you’re looking for a used car, then here’s a good list of available Mercedes-Benz cars or SUV’s if that is more your style. Prices are very reasonable from this dealership –

You can also check out various publications from online magazines like Motor Trend or Car & Driver to get a good idea. Take a look at the categories for “car of the year” and see if a Mercedes pops up. If they can recommend it, then it’s probably a good choice for ownership.

Assess What You Want

Regardless of the way you research your Mercedes, the thing you should consider most is, “what do you want the car for?” What I mean by this is, if you have a family, certainly you will need a 4-door. Every try to get a kid seat in a 2-door? It’s almost impossible. You might even consider a Mercedes SUV for that matter, as they will provide even more room. If you’re more into the sporty type of car, an AMG badged Mercedes might be more your style. These models are quite a bit more expensive but if you get lucky you could find a decent used one.  For the class range of Mercedes, these include the B Class, CLS Class, C Class, CLA, E, M, GL and S/SL models. As you can see, the range is quite diverse so with many options available you’ll need to do a bit of research what is the most suitable for you.

Not a Bargain Automobile

Let’s face it. Owning a Mercedes is going to force you to reach deeper into your pockets. Along with the purchase price over say, a domestic vehicle in a similar class, you’re also going to have to be aware of the costs to maintain the car. If you’re mechanically inclined, this could save you thousands. If you’re not and even worse, if you don’t have a “trusted” mechanic, be prepared to shell out quite a bit more money should something go wrong. The main reason for this is that parts are expensive. There are parts stores online that may sell generic parts for your Benz, but do you really want to bolt something on to your German car that is made in China?

I’m not writing this to scare you buy any means, but only to educate you. I’ve heard so many horror stories where people just scrape by to get a Mercedes and when it comes time to repair it they almost have to take out a loan. This is why before you consider buying any car including a Mercedes, you’ll want to have it thoroughly inspected before buying it.

At the end of the day, you want to feel good about your purchase. If it’s not the right time now, the time will come. Owning a Mercedes is a satisfying experience but it can be marred by unexpected repair bills. If you do get a job at a Mercedes dealer, then you’ll get some inside information on the cars that get repaired. Talk to owners and get some feedback. Also, the service advisor will have a ton of stories for you on which cars have what problem, which ones you should avoid and which ones are a great buy.

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